Video Production Interview Questions

Hiring an editor for the production of your video isn’t as simple as it seems. There are thousands of people out there with experience in the field, though the actual merit of this experience varies drastically.

Simply put, if you’re in the market for a video editor, it’s likely you’ll receive dozens, if not hundreds, of applications. The video production interview questions outlined below will help you make sure the right candidate is hired.

Software Platforms

The person you hire needs a thorough knowledge of video editing software. Start your interview off with questions related to popular video production programs such as Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro. Gauge your candidate’s experience with these programs by asking about their favorite editing software. Their answer will tell you a lot about which programs they’re comfortable working with.

Computer Hardware

The best candidates for video production positions have an extensive knowledge of computer hardware in addition to experience with the best software. Oftentimes, especially in smaller companies, keeping hard drives in smooth working order falls onto the video editor. You should ask questions that test your candidate’s knowledge of computer hardware and operating systems. Be sure to ask about their familiarity with RAID arrays, network connections, and cache memory.

Previous Experience

It’s never a good idea to hire a video editor that can’t provide examples of their previous work. Seeing samples gives you a taste of the editor’s skillset as well as their individual style of video production. Additionally, video editors that are serious about video production as a career will have a short “reel” prepared ahead of time. A reel allows you to ensure that the candidate has experience with the particular type of video media you’re producing.

Working Under Pressure

Stone Productions of Nashville, TN urges you to ask video production interview questions about meeting deadlines. Certain companies, especially those in television production, require extremely time-sensitive turnaround times. You need to ensure that the candidate you choose will be committed to finishing projects on time. And that they’re willing to dedicate the time needed to make these projects top quality. Ask about the last time they faced a high-pressure video production situation and how they successfully managed it.

Final Thoughts

Don’t go out and hire the first video editor that responds to your listing. Take the time to weed through all of the responses and set up interviews with a few of the most promising candidates. Sit down with each candidate and ask them interview questions related to the four factors above. The candidate with a quality reel, extensive knowledge of editing software and computer hardware, and experience in high-pressure situations is one to strongly consider for your position.