Join little house science Franchise

This London based program offers two important educational opportunities in Math and Science for children ranging from 6 months to older. In this venue, Math and sciences are considered very seriously by offering children hands-on learning opportunities based on age.At Little House of Science, children’s curiosity is nurtured by re-enforcement of STEM-related subjects. The good news is that Little House of Science provides franchise opportunities for those who are interested.


What is the Franchise opportunity?

This is an extraordinary opportunity for dual benefits:

  • Grow profitable business;and
  • Provide high quality, educational experiences for young children.

With the help of the corporation, interested parties are provided the resources needed to hire quality teachers and organize workshops in venues of a third party even without your presence.

Ten things you need to know aboutoperating a franchise

  1. The training lasts for 3 weeks of training where franchisees are given all of the tools needed to operate a successful and profitable business.
  2. Along with that training, franchisees are given ongoing support in launching and marketing their business, as well as negotiating with venues and obtaining staff.
  3. Each new franchisee is given an exclusive territory of 250 primary schools. They will be the only operating Little House of Science franchise in that area.
  4. You have to create a large business from10 to 40 weekly classes with around 100 to 600 students.
  5. Know how to handle a team of teachers to host those classes, with your help.
  6. Your presence is not needed to run those classes,
  7. Are allowed to open and fill many more classes than other franchises.

8.Classes are hosted at select third-party venues, so you don’t need any premise.

  1. Many classes can be conducted at the same time.
  2. If at any point a franchise, you wishes to sell their business, it can be done as long the new buyer is approved by the corporate headquarters.

Advantages over other businesses:

  • Low initial investment, high ROI

The initial investment is low but ROI is high because you don’t need to have your own premises or purchase any equipment or stock.

  • Is a turnkey’ franchise

A turnkey franchise includeseverything needed to begin trading; its all in a single package.

  • Sale of franchise

During the training or at any stage before delivery of package, you can sell to an approved buyer.

  • See class action prior to purchase

You are allowed by Little House of Sciencecome and observe to classes in action prior to closing the deal.

  • More time for family and other priorities

Since your presence is not required during classes, you have more time to spend with your family and other concerns.

  • Income continues even when you are away

Even when you are not present, business continues as income pours in.

  • Worthwhile business to see in the future

As your business grows, it increases its value and its worthwhile selling in the future.

Operating a little home science franchise is like new any new business that needs hard work and dedication for growth. There is a provision for standardized living and rewards. At the same time, this business model is simple as everything is systematized to make things as easy as possible. If you want to meet this challenge of operating a profitable business, this franchise is for you!