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Special Education

June 9, 2017

Kids who present with ADHD, Asperger’s or higher-verbal ASD have a propensity to play video games excessively.  Their executive functioning challenges combined with compulsive gaming can be a recipe for significant problems down the road.   I have worked with (and hear about many more) kids who have gone away to excellent colleges yet can’t make it through their first semester because they cannot manage their screen time usage or sleep hygiene due to excessive video game use.

Video games serve a more significant function and hold greater emotional meaningto kids with mild neurodevelopmental challenges.  Some of the functions of video games include:

  1. Provide a sense of predictability and safety in an unpredictable world. If you are prone to anxiety and go throughout the day feeling anxious or unsafe in your environment because you cannot understand your classmate’s intentions or infer meaning from their behaviors then video games can provide a safe haven.  Video games offer a world of predictability, a world that you can control thus a deep emotional connection becomes attributed to video games-they serve as a sense of safety to individuals who feel anxious due to their social learning challenges, overall anxiety or both.
  1. Serve as a substitute for meaningful relationships with similar-age peers. If you have social anxiety around similar-age peers or have difficulty understanding how to cultivate and sustain friendships video games provide a (very superficial) substitute for connection.  It should come as no surprise that many kids refer to people they play online games with as “friends” despite often not knowing anything about these individuals aside from the fact they play the same video game.   The content of the conversation between “gaming friends” is typically like that of strangers, it is small talk based around a common topic.  Kids do not develop a sense of true connection or emotional intimacy through video games.
  1. They provide a sense of accomplishment to individuals who frequently feel frustrated or lack confidence. Video games provide a quick but fleeting sense of accomplishment to those who often feel unsuccessfulin other areas of their life.  While they may struggle in academic subjects or navigating the social world, many individuals with ADHD, Asperger’s or autism can master video games quickly which provides a sense of accomplishment they may not experience in other areas of their life.

Here’s what you can do to help reduce your child’s video game usage while helping to increase their ability to develop resiliency and social competency:

  1. Limit screen time to 40 minutes during the school week and 1 hour on weekends/vacations.

Professors Craig Anderson and Doug Gentile created the following guidelines based on their comprehensive research about the detrimental effects of excessive video game use and violent video games:

  • No more than 40 minutes/night on school nights
  • No more than 1 hour/day on weekends / vacations
  1. Keep screens out of bedrooms

Aside from the fact that electronic screens can disrupt one’s circadian rhythms many kids will be on their devices when their parents believe they are sleeping.  Keeping electronics out of bedrooms and putting them in common areas helps to keep kids from isolating themselves by putting them in greater proximity to the family.  It also provides you with an easier way to supervise your child’s behavior and communication while they’re playing.

  1. Have your child participate in semi-structured or unstructured social experience with similar-age peers. Offer a few options, tell them they are going to choose at least one.Opportunitieslike scouts, youth group events, theater groups, non-competitive sports help kids to form emotional memories attached to experiences and people.  While they still need to learn skills and strategies to successfully navigate social situations and cultivate friendships the more they are around similar-age peers in loosely structured or un-structured social situations the greater opportunity they will have to increase their resiliency regarding spending time with peers.  Kids who are over-scheduled with structured activities do not have strong chances of increasing their social competency because adults are controlling the environment.  The importance of semi-structured and unstructured social experiences will be discussed in a future article.
  1. Avoid negotiating, debates and arguments about video games. It is best to be very “black & white” regarding screen time.  Keep in mind that unused time should not be rolled over to another day.
  1. Provide multiple options for non-screen based incentives. Provide options for your child that involve them being engaged in non-screen-based activities gives them a sense of control.  Do not accept “none of them’ as an answer, require your child to pick one.   Due to their anxiety and inflexibility many kids who present with ADHD, Asperger’s or higher-verbal ASD are initially unwilling to try new things and have difficulty recalling when they’ve enjoyed an activity or social experience   because they often focus on the details of experiences rather than thinking about the emotional memories or looking at the “bigger picture” of an experience. 

Reducing the amount of time your child spends on video games will provide them with greater opportunities to develop the life skills that are critical for future success-resiliency, self-regulation and social competency.

Ryan Wexelblatt, LSW is the Director of Center for ADHD in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and Summer Travel Camp in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania.  Center for ADHD provides social skills programs, executive function treatment and therapy to children through young adults who are diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s, learning differences and higher-verbal autism.  Learn more at or

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6 Tips How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Special Education

October 27, 2016

Intellectual property or IP isn’t just an idea or concept, it may be viewed as an original business asset that brings a revenue. All in all, IP consists of various areas and may include logos, corporate identity, products, services and etc.

Intellectual property must be well-protected because somebody is always tempted to ‘steal’ your idea by using it without your permission in the way that your business can suffer. Though the worldwide net has become an excellent area for earning money, it has also become the greatest risk to IP. When you create your website or eCommerce internet platform, you should always take the right steps to protect your logo, design, trademark, and copyright.

Today, we are going to give 6 essential tips on how to guard your IP not only on the net but in a real life as

  1. Be Careful With a Third Party

When you have an idea but lack knowledge or skills on how to embody it in a real life, you often try to find people who can help you. Sometimes, you need to outsource your project to other partners to make it cheaper. However, before doing anything, make sure that your IP won’t be stolen by anybody. Especially, be careful with the teams who work remotely.

  1. Encrypt Your IP

If you have sensitive IP, try to encrypt it internally. In such way, you’ll eliminate unauthorized access to it and protect it from stealing. Make sure that your partners also employ the proper level of encryption. IP encrypting does need time and money, but it’s far cheaper than dealing with a breach of trust later.

  1. Put Down Every Single Detail

When you do business on trading your ideas or inventions, it’s vital to keep a running log or journal where you should write down everything that happens to you. It’s vital not to miss every single detail because this journal may help you to protect your IP once someone has stolen it. Start the journal with the inception of the idea, make notes about every meeting you have (include information about who was invited and who attended it). You may easily prove that you are the owner of the product or invention by using a reliable time and date stamp and revealing a paper copy of the important moments.

  1. Talk to an Expert

Sooner or later, you would need to find someone who has a good expertise on IP legislative framework. For instance, it can be a patent lawyer. He is the one who will tell you whether your idea needs a patent or not. He’ll also complete a patent application for you and then will help you to defend your patent from infringement in the court. If you want to license your idea or product to a third party, a patent lawyer knows how to do it properly.

Businessmen or inventors need IP support and get assistance on various IP issues.

  1. Think Faster and Move Faster

Fresh ideas can be compared to diamonds: it’s difficult to find them, but loads of people want to do this. If you are a brilliant scholar who wants to earn on selling his invention, don’t linger any second to commercialize it. Remember, that you aren’t the one who thinks and invents. Yes, you’ve got a patent for your idea, but your IP may still be stolen because someone can offer another variant of the thing you’ve invented.

  1. Educate Yourself

If you want to protect your IP from a theft effectively, you should also have some basic knowledge of IP legislative framework. For instance, you may visit local libraries or search for the information on the net to find necessary data. Visit free of charge online libraries like Learning Resources and see what they have there.

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Video Production Interview Questions

Special Education

March 3, 2016

Hiring an editor for the production of your video isn’t as simple as it seems. There are thousands of people out there with experience in the field, though the actual merit of this experience varies drastically.

Simply put, if you’re in the market for a video editor, it’s likely you’ll receive dozens, if not hundreds, of applications. The video production interview questions outlined below will help you make sure the right candidate is hired.

Software Platforms

The person you hire needs a thorough knowledge of video editing software. Start your interview off with questions related to popular video production programs such as Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro. Gauge your candidate’s experience with these programs by asking about their favorite editing software. Their answer will tell you a lot about which programs they’re comfortable working with.

Computer Hardware

The best candidates for video production positions have an extensive knowledge of computer hardware in addition to experience with the best software. Oftentimes, especially in smaller companies, keeping hard drives in smooth working order falls onto the video editor. You should ask questions that test your candidate’s knowledge of computer hardware and operating systems. Be sure to ask about their familiarity with RAID arrays, network connections, and cache memory.

Previous Experience

It’s never a good idea to hire a video editor that can’t provide examples of their previous work. Seeing samples gives you a taste of the editor’s skillset as well as their individual style of video production. Additionally, video editors that are serious about video production as a career will have a short “reel” prepared ahead of time. A reel allows you to ensure that the candidate has experience with the particular type of video media you’re producing.

Working Under Pressure

Stone Productions of Nashville, TN urges you to ask video production interview questions about meeting deadlines. Certain companies, especially those in television production, require extremely time-sensitive turnaround times. You need to ensure that the candidate you choose will be committed to finishing projects on time. And that they’re willing to dedicate the time needed to make these projects top quality. Ask about the last time they faced a high-pressure video production situation and how they successfully managed it.

Final Thoughts

Don’t go out and hire the first video editor that responds to your listing. Take the time to weed through all of the responses and set up interviews with a few of the most promising candidates. Sit down with each candidate and ask them interview questions related to the four factors above. The candidate with a quality reel, extensive knowledge of editing software and computer hardware, and experience in high-pressure situations is one to strongly consider for your position.

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Importance of Developing Writing Skills in College

Special Education

September 15, 2015

College is your foundation for the future. During your college years, you are educated to become an expert in a certain field. If you decide not to actually learn while in college, life will test you when it’s time to get a good job. If you do decide to invest quality time in studying and acquiring all the important skills, you will thank yourself later on. Developing good writing skills in college will help you on so many levels in your whole life.

Importance of Developing Writing Skills in College

Getting the job that you want

After writing 30 essays during your college years, you have got some very good skills and some strongknowledge in the field. The greatest majority of customer service, HR or education related jobs out thererequire that you have some strong writing skills. When you write good, you are also a good communicator which will help you obtaining fast any job, in any field. Simply put, when you have developed strongwriting skills, you just increase your chances for a good candidacy in any field…

Writing a rock solid CV

You might not think that writing an assignment in English or an essay could help you in any way. In fact, all that time and effort you invested in writing your assignments in college will help you present yourself professionally to the world. You will be able to craft your own CV in an impressive manner, or write a personal admission essay for your MA or PhD studies, without any problems.

Proof of exceptional English- spoken& written

If you have ever used essay writing services rated by or other review services, you also learned quite quickly how to write in perfect English. So following that example, you just started to write more and more, to the point that you can now make proof of an exceptional level of English language, both spoken and written. All those years that you struggledlearning the rules of good writing will pay off when you leave college. You will be able to get on top of the list at admissions for a good job or for your higher education courses. Nothing was in vain, when you developed all those writing skills in college.

Good decision maker.

Life is about choices and decisions. If you have developed good writing skills, it means you are now a creative, intelligent person. You are also a good critical thinker, and this will help you take the right decisions all the time in your life. A good writer is always a strong thinker, and opinionated person, who always has to say a few intelligent words in any circumstance, personal or professional level. If you want to become that person, just go ahead and develop powerful writing skills while you are in college.

Being a good and intelligent writer, you will be able to give highly balanced arguments in any situationlife may take you. It might seem quite far-fetched to you now that writing skills can help you so much…but they do play a criticalrole in your formation as an adult.



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Important information about Jungian Psychoanalysis

Special Education

March 23, 2015

As opposed to Freud, who claims that dreams are wish-fulfillments , Jung suggests that many dreams are attitude-settlements. It had been Freud who organized the dwelling from the psychic energy distributions from the personality referred to as i.d., the ego, and also the super-ego for the reason that order. Nevertheless it was Jung that was mind and shoulders above his mentor and teacher Dr. Freud, along with other psychoanalysts from the early twentieth century. Eventually it had been a student that surpassed the actual, and also the welcomed one which we may imagine inside a Hollywood movie. Several things never change if this involves pride and ego.

The attitudes that dreams compensate are individuals in the ego. Jung claims that award for dreams “increase the conscious mental situation from the moment all individuals aspects that are required for an entirely different perspective.

Important information about Jungian Psychoanalysis

In dreams, the unconscious presents towards the ego alternative perspectives that compensate these maladaptive or dysfunctional behaviour. The unconscious problems the ego seriously to think about these alternative perspectives. Based on Jung, the attitudes from the ego are almost always partial and prejudicial, even in the extreme absolutely defective.

Dreams provide the ego information, advice, constructive critique, even knowledge. When the ego is receptive instead of defensive, it may evaluate these alternative perspectives and choose whether or not to accept or reject them.

Actually Dr Jung didn’t want anybody to become a “Jungian.” Dr. Jung mentioned that “I would like people most importantly to become themselves.” Jung also mentioned, “Must I be located eventually simply to have produced another ‘ism’ i quickly may have unsuccessful in most I attempted to complete.Inch Dr Carl Gustav Jung felt embarrassed through the ‘isms’, or “created” words credited him. Dr Jung didn’t wish to be appreciated for which to this day is regarded as better than the relaxation of psychoanalysis, or what’s now known as jungian psychoanalysis nyc. He didn’t want credited him the saying “Jungianism.”

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School Education Competition

career advice, Special Education

November 23, 2014

Some reason why it encourages children to check their most difficult and reap the rewards, just like existence you have to strive inside the very competitive world. However other quite properly argue that it could destroy a young child self-esteem and could cause them to experience feelings of failure in an exceedingly youthful age. This hot potato is a factor that’s frequently in news reviews and also on the topic boards at parents evening – is competition in schools healthy for children? It’s divided opinion for any very long time and many likely is continually accomplish this. 

To just accept people who differ from themselves also to see the requirement for every individual. There’s already enough options around before education that offer disappointment to people, jobs, competitions, work, associations – don’t allow give them a bubble of happiness becoming an adult? Don’t allow be focusing our energy on making cooperation the completely new competition? It can help children to talk effectively with one another, to help develop and cherish all several types of capabilities of individuals.

There exists a generation that will try to complete more than is required. Everybody knows the big wide world available however the greater fitted we make our youngsters at school it can benefit their development after education. Whether it’s using to school, seeking an offer, or love, the chance to compete can provide them an important edge that’s essential for society – its dog eat dog. Healthy competition inspires kids to accomplish their utmost – not just sufficient. When children compete, do associate with feelings. Become inquisitive, research individually and start to think about by them?
In the encouraging and loving atmosphere, children might be trained that failure is  part f existence and you don’t need to eliminate self-esteem or self-worth, listed below are the techniques regarding how to approach life’s put downs – isn’t that planning our youngsters for existence a lot better than any maths equation? Competition might be healthy if the provides feedback to kids regarding performance and improvement, when winning isn’t nearly the engraved glass award they receive on stage after but it is the valuable training that needs to be taken off competition. By doing this, effective or not successful, children will be taught to build up and consequently become better ready for existence, which (like competition) provides endless options to see well with others and treat rivals based and love.
If you’re worried about your child’s school together with what their outlook is on competition then possibly try creating a consultation to talk to their teacher, increase over the following parents evening/open day and even perhaps consider the web site they have already ethos up online! Competition may well be a double-edged sword, for kids and adults but if you are marketing positive values underneath the right conditions they could be very advantageous, however, it requires basically a poor atmosphere to build up unhealthy approaches for competing with others. It’s an absolutely FREE online file converter from anything to anything. Over 45 file formats supporting.

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Making a Direct Will Easy and Convenient!

Special Education

October 28, 2014

Including the various services such as the free consultation that they will provide by coming at our home only and then they will discuss about various things and topics from us, Direct wills trust offer the fully as well as the comprehensive service. They will offer us the advice and even the recommendations but before that they will try to find out that what our wishes. As per our needs and the requirements they make sure to provide the full satisfaction and at the  potential issues that may be arise together by the inheritance of the tax implications that our loved ones can also face as per on our  estate, will also rove the best and genuine  advise to us. Even protecting us from the various assets and the equity, the powers of attorney and even from the funeral planning they are best and experts and specially the professional experienced people who are there to  provides the advice about the trusts. 

While we will get our will prepared at that time they will also advise us and even visit us in our homes at the time which is suitable to us so that they can more properly understand the things and then they can advice us in the procedure of making the will and they have their qualified team of professional who are the best will writers as well as the consultants.  They also help those who are at care at home and cannot come out of house due to their sickness and illness and besides that they not only help to suggest people how can visit them at their office and get the will prepared. To get the desired will prepared for them as soon as possible, they make sure that they visit them personally. For anyone across the world their team also offers facts and even the advice by the helping guiding hand which is a daunting and even emotive process. Their help makes to make a direct will easier. To know more information please visit at

Therefore, they can prefer to call them any time and ask the queries, if someone wants to know more about them or have any kind of query in their mind. They also guarantee that our family members and loved ones should have a secure tomorrow. They do this thing because sometime these small day to ay issues can be reason to get the will prepared therefore these professionals make sure that people make a genuine and correct will they spend huge time in listening to our concerns and also try to find out the major as well; as the minor day to day issues of the life that one can be facing. Therefore, at their official website at by just clicking make a direct wills and get to know about them more properly, if someone wants to get more information about them then they can visit them.

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Get the best Tutor to obtain the Accurate Training on Financial aspects

career advice, Continuing Education, Home Schooling, Special Education, Standardized Tests

September 11, 2014

The important thing means to fix eliminate such difficult conditions arrives because the ideal recommendations of the appropriate tutor. So, you now are supplied with the achievable help you need to overcome the hurdles. Financial aspects seems because the subject that if you’re able to understand appears interesting. However, the scholars sometimes face serious problems obtaining the accurate awareness regarding the topic. 

Nowadays using the growth of technology, you are able to browse multiple online teaching sites, which accumulate professionals around the particular subject. Formerly it had been seriously difficult to discover a competent individual who can offer tuitions of financial aspects.


The way you score at the top of financial aspects?
Once, you’ll be able to obtain the concepts around the subject you wouldn’t face any difficulty discovering the effective solutions. It thus allows you to write better solutions throughout your exam having a obvious explanation. Here lays the important thing to unbolt the doorways of success and therefore you are able to win a effective position supported having a glorifying educational milieu. For both our prime school and also the university students, financial aspects appear because the major subject composed of the huge training. The tutors at the school or college aren’t competent to complete the whole training because of lack of time. Therefore, you face the necessity of a great tutor who are able to explain the entire subject.
Progressively you’ll believe that the topic accretes a lot interesting details that forget about will end up tougher for you. Acquire all of the potential solutions that may help you know the subject and therefore you aren’t getting frightened while showing up for that exam. So, the whole chronicle represents the financial aspects tutor plays the key role allowing you to gain the greater scores that’s essential to setup an excellent career.
Continue the Greater Studies on Financial aspects
Therefore, the apprentices can certainly proceed building their career obtaining ample understanding about them that signifies the economical specifications. The internet help sites get the trained experts who have the capability framework the whole paper inside the deadline and therefore you are able to submit the papers in the pre-scheduled time maintaining the discipline. Today the scholars brave to choose Financial aspects because the subject which they’ll carry out the greater studies. You are able to seek the assistance from the websites who’d prepare the lengthy thesis papers accumulating the initial writing together with the acceptable solutions.


How you go searching for the help?


Once, they receive your specifications which will evaluate and provides you with a friar cost quote. Once you accept the cost setup a contract based on that they will begin focusing on any project. Finally, you will gain full energy within the subject with no single subject can appear hard to you because you emerge among the experts. You are able to avail the particular help by simply indicating the whole requirement through email or completing the internet form.

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Crafting Graduations to a different Job

career advice, College University, Continuing Education, Financial Aid, Future Concepts, Home Schooling, Online Education, Special Education, Standardized Tests

September 11, 2014

Whether a brand new friend of the has arrived a brand new job or maybe your personal sister just found employment, you should assess and review precisely how close you’re to a different another before delivering your congratulations message or card. Whether you’ve been buddies having a co-worker for a long time that has arrived a brand new position or if you wish to say congratulations to some friend or perhaps a close relative, you will find a couple of ways to carry out doing this to be able to share your excitement with anybody you realize.

Element in Your Relationship
Learn additional particulars by what the task needs and duties entail to be able to become more specific inside the congratulations email or message you need to send for your friend or family member. Being familiar with the task offer your friend or co-worker has had up can provide you with more understanding of the wording you need to place in your congratulations card or message that you want to send.
Get Personal
The greater particulars you include together with your congratulations letter, the greater your chances should be appreciated.  If you intend to say congratulations to somebody for acquiring a brand new position, that can be done through getting more personal regarding their own interests, hobbies, abilities as well as the brand new company or brand they’re employed by and representing.
The greater research you conduct on jobs currently available which are also appropriate for individuals you realize, the simpler it is to locate positions which are much more appropriate for the career outlook. In case your family member or friend will operate in a business you understand and have experience of yourself, it could also be easy to look for additional employment possibilities that is worth considering.
Without pressure whilst discussing within the pleasure your friend or family member might be feeling concurrently. Getting a concept of the choices available for you when you am getting at congratulations to a person for acquiring a brand new job is really a way to achieve this.

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