A kickstarter project launched by a well-known designer Shahrouz Varshabi, recently launched to help students who are struggling to get work in a job market that often leaves them feeling frustrated, scared, and working in fields they are overqualified for simply to pay off student debt.


The professionals behind the Designedin project saw a need for more opportunity for graduates as well as a place specifically geared to design students to help them network and get the experience they seek. The team includes a current MFA candidate who gives his partners unique insight into the challenges facing graduates today. The site will be exclusive to people with an .edu address and professionals who are looking for their talents and expertise.

Since the launch of the project, the campaign has already surpassed its initial $2,000 goal, which was set to provide a minimal version of the platform they ultimately hope to launch where design students and employers can get together to create new opportunities.

They are now looking toward a $6,000 goal that will give students and alumni the opportunity to teach and learn new skills via a variety of workshops. Other stretch goal levels will provide online portfolios, tracking of projects, and a mobile app.

“The percentage who are unemployed or ‘underemployed’—working in a job that typically does not require a bachelor’s degree—has risen, particularly since the 2001 recession. Recent college graduates, specifically design students, are struggling to find jobs and more than 44% of them across the U.S find themselves still unemployed 6 to 12 months after graduation,” wrote the company on the project’s Kickstarter page.

As with all other Kickstarter projects, there are a variety of perks donors can received based on their donation. Stickers, t-shirts, handbags, and more will be shipped to donors upon the end of the campaign. Higher donation levels will earn supporters online portfolios, discounts on design services, and magazine or book cover design. To see what other perks are available and to support to campaign, please see the Kickstarter page.

ABOUT DESIGNEDIN: Designedin is the creation of founder Shahrouz Varshabi, who serves as the Founder and CEO. She is an MFA of Design and Technology. With the help of CDO Anthony Driscoll, an MFA of Design and Technology, and BFA of Product Design Candidate Effat Thunayan, they plan to revolutionize the way design students and employers connect.