Special Education Reform?

I remember 20 plus years ago when I was getting my graduate degree in Special Education and a buddy of mine getting his degree

Teacher Education and Teacher Quality

1.0 INTRODUCTION One of the sectors which fosters national development is education by ensuring the development of a functional human resource. The institution of

A Brief History of Special Education

Perhaps the largest and most pervasive issue in special education, as well as my own journey in education, is special education’s relationship to general

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Legal use of Clenbuterol for achieving better benefits

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Want to Know About Primobolan? Read Below

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Winstrol: The Bodybuilding Assistant

Some bodybuilders will have professional trainers as their personal assistants, but for some, it’s going to be Winstrol. No, it’s not the name of

How to Deal with the Economic Crisis

There is a credit and economic crisis in the United States and the chances that Congress will bail you out, and stop creditors from


Kids who present with ADHD, Asperger’s or higher-verbal ASD have a propensity to play video games excessively.  Their executive functioning challenges combined with compulsive